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Title: Post Topics In The Correct Forum
Description: A Reminder

Sureshot - December 19, 2007 01:52 AM (GMT)
Please keep your topics in the correct forum (especially the Ron Paul ones, they belong in the Ron Paul forum in the "Outside 9/11" category.)

It is a pain for the admins to move these topics, and it also creates a rather unattractive list of Moved: X Topic Here here in The Lounge.

Gideon is also handing out 3-day vacations for the next person that posts a Ron Paul topic in The Lounge.

With love,
Loose Change Forum Staff

Gideon524 - December 20, 2007 08:02 AM (GMT)
Lots of complaints about having to search all around the forums for a topic.

Folks, navigating around the place is not as difficult as it seems and only takes a little practive to get the hang of...

One way to navigate like lightning and keeping track of topics is by using the "ipb" circles on the left side on the screen on the homepage.

Look at an active forum, say the Lounge...if a new post goes up, the "ipb" button will be colored in(all non-active forums, the "ipb" button will be faded).

Next, go into the forum...a little square will be next to topic titles where the new post went the box, BOOM, you're at the most recent post in the thread.

You can also get to the most recent post by clicking, "Last post by: whoever"

Finish reading the active topics in the Lounge, go back to the homepage, click the "ipb" button to make it fade...

If it lights up again, that means there's another post.


Once you're done reading all the active topics in that forum, scroll to the bottom of the forum and click MARK THIS FORUM AS READ and not only will it make the "ipb" fade, it takes you back to the homepage. Two clicks of the mouse for the price of one!

By looking solely at the "ipb" buttons as you scroll rapidly down the homepage, you can see what forums are active in about 3 seconds literally.

I taught myself most of the user options AND admin options in a just few hours spreadout over one week.

Take time to enjoy the place, man.

This is OUR home, all of us.


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