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Title: Please Help The 9/11 First Responders

IVXX - December 13, 2007 06:15 PM (GMT)
In the hours, days, and weeks following 9/11, New Yorkers and Americans from all across the country said goodbye to their families and traveled to New York City to assist in the recovery and rebuilding process at Ground Zero. Every breath they took was filled with determination to make the wrong right. Every breath they took engulfed their bodies with air contaminated by thousands of tons of asbestos, lead, chromium, benzene, PCBs, dioxins, highly caustic cement dust and hundreds of other dangerous substances.

Today, tens of thousands of such first responders are in dire need of medical care due to the environmental conditions after 3 towers imploded at Ground Zero. Diagnosed with cancers and debilitating respiratory illnesses, these true American heroes have been denied the financial benefits required to save their lives. While suffering and deteriorating, their health crisis has been ignored by state and federal policy.

Many have already died.

How can you help??

Visit the FealGood Foundation and make a donation.

FealGood Foundation

The primary mission of the FealGood Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to spread awareness and educate the public about the catastrophic health effects on 9/11 first responders, as well as to provide assistance to relieve these great heroes of the financial burdens placed on them over the last five years. A secondary goal of our Foundation is to create a network of advocacy on 9/11 healthcare issues. We not only advocate for Ground Zero workers, but show others how they can advocate for themselves and help others through grassroots activism.

look-up - December 14, 2007 04:06 PM (GMT)
Thanks for posting this. This is a very worthy cause that we shouldn't ever just forget about.

These people risked their lives to try and save others, and the least we can do is shell out a few bucks to pay them back.

IVXX - December 14, 2007 04:53 PM (GMT)
And remember tis the season for giving. Though we should give what we can all year long to these true American Heroes.

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