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Title: For Those That Cant Make It To Ny!
Description: Are there going to be local Protest?

darion - September 4, 2007 10:04 AM (GMT)
I cannot make it to NY on Sept 7th threw 11th. So I was wanting to know if there are any people planing to make local truth movement protest in their areas? Just asking.

Rossmancer - September 4, 2007 12:48 PM (GMT)

chucksheen - September 4, 2007 03:22 PM (GMT)

thehighwaymanq - September 4, 2007 03:27 PM (GMT)

girlsnextdoor - September 14, 2007 02:39 AM (GMT)
We need a HUGE protest in Washinton D.C.

alive and still talking - September 19, 2007 10:49 PM (GMT)
We need a HUGE protest in Washinton D.C.
good point, especially since the white house and pentagon are trying to sell this stupid war.

any protest against the 911/iraq war is welcome by democrats right now.

the webb amendment, limiting the time troops spend deployed to equal time on/off
is on the senate floor, they are trying to pass it, which will throw a wrench into the iraq war machinery, they are already stretching avail. manpower to the limit.

protesting in front of the senate while they pass the webb amendment would be more useful. democrats in the senate do not have a problem with the movement sitting in on their hearings.

the last time a republican asked for protestors to leave, the chairman. a democrat said he was glad they were there, and invited them to stay.

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