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Title: Time To Take Some Serious Action
Description: Think of the possibilities

StevenDC - December 8, 2006 08:59 PM (GMT)
(Admin, I duplicated in three areas on purpose, want everyone to see it.)

It is time to act. We have a new Congress waiting to take their seats, and by giving them those seats they owe us one thing in exchange for our vote: they owe us one hour of their time to watch Loose Change. And for those sitting in their seats, they owe us one hour of their time for our vote keeping them there.
We need to act now, there are many people out there with their heads on the chopping block and it doesnít matter how much quiet support we have for them, we need to make it known where it counts, in public. We have to let the sitting Democrats know NOW and in January we need to act again for the incoming class.
Come on people, THINK !! It is the republican Congress that allowed this to be whitewashed and it is the democratic Congress that can uncover it, bring light and crush the cockroaches.
Are we Nationwide on this website? I donít know, but I bet we cover a lot of ground.
We can act as a group with an impact. Here is a plan (and it is open to suggestions):

Everyone go to and find all of your Democratic representatives.
Copy their mailing address and email address.
Then go to and order one copy of Loose Change for each of them.
Now contact the representative by email and tell them you are sending a DVD and they will need to intervene to get it through security without being irradiated.
You can mention because you put them in office, they should find one hour to view it.
Put the LC DVD in a CLEAR jewel pack container so it can be easily inspected by security.
You will have to put a full LEGAL return address on the package or it will be destroyed, but we are sending them to the GOOD guys and Iím betting my money it is safe.

Come back to this website and document who in Congress has had one mailed to them. Notify your local newspaper that a mass mailing has begun. By doing this, we are bringing light to this and light cures viruses.
This is after all posted in the Activism section, letís put some action into our vism.

IVXX - December 8, 2006 09:53 PM (GMT)
Steve I believe everyone would see it in the Lounge. However all 3 will remain.

StevenDC - December 9, 2006 03:29 PM (GMT)

Would it be feasible to open a tracking system of some kind to keep track of what Congress members have had a LC DVD sent to them? I will have several to add shortly....

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