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Caterina Lancreteroux - August 12, 2010 02:10 AM (GMT)
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    <b>Everyone</b> knows that Caterina isn't exactly what you would call... friendly. She's harsh at times, and even when she has her good days, it's difficult to tell that she's in a pleasant mood. Despite her coldness, she does have a very maternal view on her race. Responsibility, stress and hardships write her everyday life, and there isn't much that can really appease her for a prolonged time. She gets down to the point and fucks up anyone's life who double crosses her. However, those who are close to her are beneficial beyond belief, for when this Queen hands out her sparing love, it comes by the truck full. Despite her harsh outer demeanor, there are few who have known the reconciliation behind the hardened mask; the tender side that is so <i>sparse</i> that when she cares, she <i>loves.</i> However, that doesn't stop this badass beauty from being, well. Badass. Caterina isn't one for reminiscing, but her father has always had a place in her heart. Her mother died giving birth to Ethanov, and although she remembers bits and piece of her, she can't recall much. Her father taught her everything to be know, raised like a true woman of iron. After his death, Caterina took the Royal status under her wing and has done a glorious job of it ever since. In recent days, Caterina has been kidnapped, and her disappearance is causing a bit of a fluster among the Hydriad people.

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Before the war started, Vol and I were merely acquaintances and nothing more. We always worked in different circles, and at worldly gatherings, he never happened to be one of the men I mingled with. It was only natural that he would take reign with Edward and support him, being the heightened friend of the rational forces that hoped to better the world. After the Minervan party and my plans that inevitably fell though, I don't believe he will ever come to realize the desperation I had to end things, even if it meant taking his life, and Edwards, too. I cannot blame him for his hatred of me, for I would be obliged to do the same. I killed some of his best soldiers and allies. However, even when the war ends, I fear that there will always be that lasting disgust and we may never confer to be political allies.
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We were lovers once, nearly twenty years ago. Our courtship was one of the few that I actually enjoyed, and I genuinely did love him at a time. Things turned sour, which I will not discuss further into, but there was no other way than to be separated. I would have never thought that the war would bring some sort of his relation back into my life; for I thought he had long moved on, never wanting to see the likes of me again. His noble cause, however, has made me turn an eye in light of his good deeds. I could never repay him for his support among the Quartrant army and the research that has been conducted in productivity of the earth. My respect for him is high not only for the bravery in his secrecy, but for the endangerment of his own life for the greater good of humanity.
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Quite possibly one of the sweetest and kindest of woman that I've ever met. She still has much to learn in her (ironically older age than I) youth, but I'm sure she will grow into a mature young woman. I put my faith in her, for where she may lack in nativity she makes up for in determination. There isn't anyone I'd rather have fighting along side me in this battle for political dominance. I can foresee an accumulation of many wonderful years ahead of us, not only as friends, but as partners. I hope that the possibility of our 'cure' may be the breakthrough that we've both eagerly wanted.
One of the most vile of women I've come to learn of, and by far, the most mentally estranged. For nothing more than personal reasons, she's betrayed her own once, came to us for absolution and betrayed yet again. I feel pity for her, falling in love with a man who used her to make his own fill. Now, she falls in love with a man who had her parents put to death. As far as I am concerned, she can stay with Raymer - I'll just have to make way for two pairs of shoes for the hangman. Her latest turn of events have shown me that not only is she mentally incapable, but she is quite possibly the worst being to walk the earth. She has threatened to take my child, and despite my desperate fight to breathe, Eva Halloway is surely going to reach right into me and take my first child.
I have grown tired of speaking to Sameah about a lot of things.
She's a persistent and antagonistic in instinct, and I no longer wish to deal
with the stress she tries to command. I sense a bit of jealousy when it
comes to her speaking to me the way she does, insecure in her own little
shell so much to the point of dawdling with Edward and his own subordinates.
Even still, she continues to call me foolish; and in part, she may be right. Her neutrality is enough to get right under my skin, and the way she flaunts her exquisite taste in the Minervan men doesn't suit my judgment too well.
However, little Sameah doesn't exactly see first hand of the sorts I must
deal with, and has proven time and time too quick to judge. I've long since
shed the remorse for my dislocated politician, but not for the person that
is Sameah Lillania. She will not be missed."
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My little sister (and brother) had always been the rhyme to my reason. Once mother had died, I tried to fill the shoes. Despite thinking it was right at the time, I know realize that it was almost an immediate death to the possibility of a long-term sibling relationship. Instead, my power over them only pushed Annabelle away, and her longing to be something more than what she is has currently got me in a bit of a twist. I love my sister, but her ways are foolish and she has much to learn. I hope that with age, she might mature and find a decent suitor to settle with. It may be awful to say, but I do not want to support her, nor do I want her too close to the things that are important in my life. Destruction seems to follow her, and I'd rather not deal with her complications when I have many of my own to consider.
A man without a compassionate soul. No, I take that back. He has no soul, and for that I pity him. His perception of slavery and disillusionment has gotten me beyond the point of madness. I'm enraged, positively scorched with a dissatisfying dilemma of hatred; his existence alone makes my blood curdle under my skin.. The only way to correct such an issue, or so it has so seemingly boiled down to -- is that we go to war. Mr. Raymer, I hope you are proud of the mess you've made. For us Quartrant are going to clean it up with the arrival of your corpse, bellowing so delightfully with maggots and shame, right at the foot to my doorstep."
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How is it possible for a man so charming not have the capability of swaying me? My attraction to you is obviously clear, despite the several attempts to retract. The kiss on the battlefield wasn't enjoyed per say, but it wasn't as though I was able to pull away all that quickly, either. Benjamin, I cannot promise you anything. You're a good leader, and I take pride in knowing that you're by my side. However, Sethius and I are in a relationship, and it would be appreciated if you kept your eyes to yourself. My heart tells me where it belongs, and I cannot help that my physical attraction toward you isn't strong enough to mold a love that may not be there.
Evangeline has always been one of the sweetest women I know; She'lara and Evangeline would certainly be close friends due to their personality types alone, I'd think. She is Sethius's sister, and more than that, she is a handmaiden within our royal household. I've always wondered why she made the choice to be so close within our family (seeing as Sethius makes far more than enough to support them all) and chooses to help out much like the way of a poor servant girl. Her humble nature is something to be desired, though I find her religious tendencies to be just as unattractive as Sethius's. We are not particularly close, but there are many years ahead of us to see where these things might go.
Despite our hardships, countless fights and instances of physical frailty, there hasn't been a day that has gone by without you cluttering my thoughts. I long to be near you, even though there are times where it may not seem that way. Please, forgive me, Sethius - for all the ways that I have wronged you. Currently, the father of Caterina's unborn child.
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