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 Genesis (Crystalli & Xivai), Update 13 (Revised)
Posted: Oct 24 2006, 06:51 PM

Street Shark!

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The Crystalli
Species: Crystalli
Tribe Name: Krystallos Paidia
Language Name: N/A
Language Description: The Crystalli communicate through a series of low-pitched grunts and bellows, which are audible to most ears. This system is far more advanced and complex than most beginning languages, and bears some resemblance to a true language, though it is far from complete.
Description: These Crystalli very much resemble any other Crystalli tribe, identifying themselves by their quinacridone red Coorame and religious beliefs.
Leaders: The Kenyet Se'kuni, consisting of one elder for every twenty Crystalli, act as judge and jury, offering advice and council when needed among the Crystalli.
Location: The northern Flooded Jungle, at the base of the crystal spire, to the south of a mountain range, and to the east of another mountain range.
Religion: The Crystalli believe that Nature is good, and all that defile or disrespect Nature are evil, and must be cleansed. In Nature, there are three deities – one for Earth, one for Air, and one for Water. The deity of Air is named Utra, the deity of Water, Agtra, and the deity of Earth, Kitra. The Crystalli, being able to soar, climb, run, and swim with ample ability, believe that they are the fusion of all three, and favoured by the gods themselves. They guard the giant crystal spire, believing it to be the avatar of the gods in which they communicate with the Crystalli. The Crystalli also believe that in death, only the physical body dies, but the spirit lives on in Nature, and they are surrounded by the spirits of their ancestors and relatives.

Jobs and Classes
Timaeus – Light Hunters
Critias – Heavy Hunters
Phalanx – Colony Guards
Kashrak – War Giants
Vexeni – Venom Hunters
Genetrix – Colony Nurses
Keeyn – Canopy Sentries
Promythyus – Crystal Priests
Mythallar – Fire Gatherers

Technology, Shelter, and Supplies
Sharpened Wooden Spears
Vaidas (Vine-Flails)
Crystal Shards
Rock Shards
Hera Paint

Cites of Large Nests of Twigs, Branches, Shed Down, &Ujaguu

Crystal Shards
Rock Shards
Pieces of Dry Moss
Pieces of Kinder
Piles of Blue Hera Paint
Piles of Yellow Hera Paint
Piles of Red Hera Paint
Pile of Green Hera Paint
Pile of White Hera Paint
Sharpened Wooden Spears
Wooden Branches
Wyym Hides
Badpo Skeletons
Pieces of Keelschka Sinew
Strips of Bark

Coorame – Small, cylindrical gastropods, who’s colours vary from tribe to tribe. This tribe of Crystalli’s Coorame are quinacridone red.
Other Tribes
Species: Crystalli
Tribe Name: Jinu Nasitoma
Language Name: N/A
Language Description: The Crystalli communicate through a series of low-pitched grunts and bellows, which are audible to most ears. Unusually, this bellowing is of a higher pitch than most Crystalli, akin to a young human’s voice.
Description: The Crystalli making up the Jinu Nasitoma tribe are taller and slimmer than the average Cryst, with longer legs and arms more suited to manoeuvring through the tree tops, and can be identified by their sunburst yellow Coorame.
Leaders: The most intelligent Crystalli is entitled to making all of the decisions, but if the majority of the tribe disagrees, they will lose their power.
Location: Western Flooded Jungle, at the base of the Eastern Mountains.
Religion: There are appointed ‘priests’ in Jinu Nasitoma and are seen diving underwater and entering underground caves, but what lies there is unknown.
Population: 75-80
Technological Inventions: Sharpened Wooden Spears
Status: Allies.
Northern Flooded Jungle Ecosystem
Buug – Stationary photosynthetic growths, which house the Ygooshi.
Ygooshi – Black green caterpillars which later metamorphose into black green squid, who go into stasis inside the Buug.
Sleesh - Large luminescent beetles which are hard to catch.
Jagger Flies – Large dragonflies who prey on the Sleesh and avoid the Crystalli.
Enator – Vast frog-like amphibians which manoeuvre through the canopies at breakneck speed and surprising grace for their size.
Fiig – Small flying amphibians that have evolved full wings.
Wyym – Small to medium sized flying reptiles.
Badpo – Small furry, climbing mammals, that have large ears and noses.
Keelschka – Long, streamlined, eight-legged reptilians that have taken many a juvenile.
Fruga – Tiny amphibians that have evolved to ‘surf’ the surface tension of water.
Galoom – Large amphibious primates, who camouflage themselves just underneath the water.

Schee Moss – Grey green moss which secretes an adhesive slime.
Klushri Trees – Vast trees that grunt at nightfall, apparently communicating with other trees.
Ujaguu – A grass-like plant that the Crystalli like to use in the construction of their nests.
Krapti Pods – Pods which release hallucinogenic spores as they are carried over the rainforest by the wind.
Hera Flowers – A flower who’s colour changes with the temperature of the environment.
Kook Ferns – Vivid green ferns which grow darker with age.
Months later, and Krystallos Paidia had fared somewhat well in the wet foliage of the permanently flooded jungle. Their population was strong, food was abundant, and they lacked enemies – to most other tribes, it was a golden situation – for Krystallos Paidia, it was only the norm. By their standards, they were not doing well. Although their language refined itself and tripled in complexity, it was still not enough to make up for two tragic discoveries that hit the tribe. In their attempt to mount the five-limbed amphibians that were the Enator, several Crystalli were hurt, and one was killed. It seemed that although the Enator were content to be around Krystallos Paidia, they did not like to be ridden, and would always escape, due to the lack of reins or bridles. In addition, their efforts in searching for the lost tribe was rewarded - but with grim results. They had found a section of the jungle were only the blackened stumps of trees remained…a truly shocking sight for those of Krystallos Paidia. The area smelled of death, the blackened carcasses of animals littering the surface of the tainted water. Traces of oil and the sharp smell of metal were abundant, and two mutilated Crystalli carcasses floated facedown on the surface of the water.

Even the development of softened bark ‘clothing’ and wooden shafts fitted with crystal blades did not help to mask the evil of what they had found. The infidels that had defiled the jungle and slaughtered the Crystalli had to be found.

How do you wish to advance technology?
A) Try assembling a new item with the current resources available.
Tell me which tools – at least three people must agree.
B) Begin using wet sand and mud to fill holes in our settlement-nests.
C) Gather more supplies and resources.
Specify a specific item or location, such as ‘vines’ or ‘things from the water’.
D) Begin using sharp crystal and rock shards to shape wood.
E) Start grinding small crystal shards using large crystal shards.

How do you wish to further our culture?
A) Develop a name for the language.
B) Develop a certain ‘feel’ for the language, so actual words could be made.
C) Develop more words for key figures and objects.
D) Have the Kenyet Se'kuni remain in one area of the tribe’s grounds, so that the tribe can always and conveniently locate them.
E) Create a ritual for the dead, so that we may honour them.

What do you wish to do?
A) Take many small fires from the main fire to locate all around the grounds, to spread the warmth everywhere.
B) Track the trail of oil and metal further, to hopefully find the source.
C) Visit Jinu Nasitoma, to relay information about the recent attacks.
D) Send a small party to track the trail of oil and metal while the majority of the tribe visits Jinu Nasitoma, to relay information about the recent attacks.
E) Send a small party to Jinu Nasitoma while the majority of the tribe tracks the trail of oil and metal.

How will the young Crystalli be treated in regards to seeing the mutilated corpses?
A) Allow the younglings to look upon the corpses if they want to.
B) Force the younglings to gaze upon the violence, to enforce their views.
C) Disallow the younglings to look upon the corpses, to protect them from violence.

The Xivai
Species: Xivai
Tribe Name: Thanatos Fyli
Language Name: N/A
Language Description: The Xivai communicate by electric discharges, and their thoughts are directly channelled to each other's brains, rendering language useless.
Description: The Xivai making up this tribe are not physically different, but instead have a strong religion and more symbiotes than other tribes, evolving in a different area of the catacombs. They select among themselves the most physically fit Xivai, and only let them breed, and have a rigorous training routine for the youngest Xivai – the ones that fail are devoured.
Leaders: The Maculoet Essum, consisting of the Geryon and the Calypsis, who watch and direct every aspect of the tribe’s life.
Location: The Inner Sanctum of the Obsidian Catacombs, underneath the Stone Islands.
Religion: The Xivai's life centre around the worship of an unknown god, who's physical embodiment is the Geryon. The god itself can be 'felt' in the deepest sanctums of the Obsidian Catacombs, where it resides as an omniscient presence, demanding the blood and lives of their enemies. The Ysugtha are lesser deities to the Xivai, not powerful enough to be called gods. The Xivai often lacerate or mutilate their own bodies, sacrificing their pain and suffering to the presence. Every time a life is sacrificed to the Presence itself, it manifests itself physically, and personally kills the sacrifice, stripping flesh from bone astonishingly quick.

Jobs and Classes
Orthos – Light Hunters
Cerberos – Heavy Hunters
Charybdis – Carcharas Carriers
Hephaestus – Colony Workers
Kanaxai – Depth Divers
Melchias – Labyrinth Spies
Velitentacia – War Strategists
Ysugtha-Touched – Ysugtha Warriors

Technology, Shelter, and Supplies
Obsidian Shard Implants (Spike Armour)
Fish Skeleton Implants (Spike Armour)
Obsidian Shard Weapons
Fish Skeleton Weapons
Advanced War Tactics

Small Organic Ysugtha Burrows
Medium Semi-Complex Organic Ysugtha Tunnels

Obsidian Shards
Rock Shards
Bain Nets
Carne Shells
Obsidian-Fortified Chunk of Ysugtha Flesh
Large Mobile Chunk of Ysugtha Flesh (Xivai Origin)
Colossal Chunks of Ysugtha Flesh
Ysugtha flesh is organic and alive. It grows and reacts to stimulus. Depending on its size, and therefore age, it can be used for different things. Colossal is the largest size, and cannot be used after that.

Carcharas - Eight-armed, parasitic starfish who have developed special classes to better compliment the Xivai.
Mias - Aquatic ticks who constantly feed on the Xivai's blood, in return secreting venoms that increase the Xivai venom's potency.
Neha - A spore releasing fungus that grows on walls underwater. It's spores are a potent hallucinogenic.
Ysugtha - Massive growths of tiny creatures, who are all tentacles and gaping maws. They live for aeons, if not infinitely.
Other Tribes
Species: Xivai
Tribe Name: Veznisk Mekkerac
Language Name: N/A
Language Description: The Xivai communicate by electric discharges, and their thoughts are directly channelled to each other's brains, rendering language useless.
Description: The Xivai making up the Veznisk Mekkerac are of a slimmer, more graceful build of Xivai. Their bodies are sleek and hydrodynamic, making them faster swimmers than most. They also have a higher concentration of Mias than other tribes, rendering their venom more potent than usual.
Leaders: The Veznisk are an anarchist society, where the strongest Xivai are the leaders, and the weak are torn apart and devoured alive. They have no set leaders.
Location: The Inner Labyrinth of the Obsidian Catacombs, underneath the Stone Islands.
Religion: Unknown, though the shells of Carne seem to be collected into large piles. The reasoning behind this is unknown. They also seem to have great respect for a large, hollow wall, and are carving holes in it, to make it ‘sing’ with its echoes.
Population: Roughly between 100-110, though only 75-80 of the population are capable of hunting and other jobs.
Technological Inventions: The Veznisk Mekkerac use the same obsidian shards as we do, but they hold them, using them to hunt the same way humans would use daggers and spears. They have learned how to weave nets of Bain, and frequently collect Carne Shells, Dead Kakee Seeds, and the corpses of unusual fish.
Status: Allies.
Obsidian Catacombs Ecosystem
Carne - Aggressive beetles that secrete corrosive acid when aggravated.
Wisp Krill – Miniscule transparent shrimp.
Grapu – Large, spherical jellyfish.
Rakeshi – Small coelenterates that hunt by ultrasound.
Spinosus – Colonies of miniscule creatures that form spiny, rock-like hives.
Ryleh - Ryleh are dangerous molluscs, which are capable of shooting out a venomous barb to spear their prey, and dragging them back in to be crushed by their two shells.
Garon – Garon are large crustaceans who have evolved specially for swimming.
Tklaschari – Tklaschari are reptilian squid who have only three tentacles, with a powerful mouth on each end, and one large heat-sensing eye.
Seescha – Seescha are small, plentiful, amphibians which are easily caught.
Carscarsh – Carscarsh are stealthy cephalopods with a unique shape and five highly venomous beaks. They have perfect camouflage.
Goorusch – Goorusch are massive sea-cucumber like creatures that spew out a cocktail of digestive acids, enzymes, and intestines to hunt prey. They also have a special chemical beneath their skin that hardens on contact with water, making them extremely hard to injure.
Messerac – Massive squid-like cephalopods that range from the size of a small submarine to the size of a battleship, though the larger ones grow EXCEEDINGLY rarer. They generate a mesmerizing shifting colour through thousands of highly specialized light cells.
Felkeni – Small squid-like cephalopods that range from the size of a pin head to the size of a small fish. Their genetic makeup is almost exactly the same as the Messerac, and they differ only in size.

Kakee Seeds – Small seeds that grow rapidly into thorny, black vines when disturbed.
Glow Algae – A luminescent algae.
Bain - Thin, string-like strands of black weed.
????? - An unknown growth that has rapidly extended from the cavern to our labyrinth tunnels.
Exploration of the southern labyrinth revealed brilliantly shining bioorganic lights, a living galaxy of colour-shifting stars, who’s pastel colours blended into one another and created a mesmerizing screen of beauty…though for the Xivai, it was nothing more than annoyance at the light that had interrupted their darkness. They discovered the Felkeni and Messerac, two species of cephalopod with highly specialized light cells. They did not seem to mind the intrusion into their territory, and drifted about like they always had – glowing clouds in an undersea darkness. Thanatos Fyli’s first reaction was hostility – did these lights seek to draw unwanted visitors into their territory? Their nature told them to destroy that which one might consider beauty, and so they were about to strike – but then they noticed something. When their tempers flared, the Messerac and Felkeni suddenly shut off their lights, and for several milliseconds, the water around them was without…without…without COLOUR. Just a total lack of any sort of pigment – it wasn’t even black, though that was the closest thing that it could be compared to. It was a void – the same one that their deity existed in…perhaps they had stumbled upon a gift from their god.

Thanatos Fyli’s Velitentacia excelled during the past few weeks, and several advanced battle tactics were hammered into existence, though they had yet to be practiced in real life and death situations. Not only this, but through further experimentation with the Ysugtha, more complex shelter was constructed, and names were forged for both written and ‘spoken’ languages…although all these were important, they all paled to the event that had taken place.

It was nearly three weeks after the sacrifice, and yet nothing had happened. That fact changed nearly two nights ago.

An electrical pulse came from The Presence’s sanctum, and all of Thanatos Fyli felt it. Suddenly, something changed. One of the Cerberos began throbbing, as if some horrible beast was clawing him from the inside out – her whole body was shaking with pain, and his face was contorted in agony. Suddenly, her mind reached out and touched all Xivai, and she communicated with them through abstract images and thoughts. These were the words she spoke.

From the north, a tribe will come. They plan…AGAINST the Death Tribe. They are neither Veznisk nor Mekkerac.

She repeated this message three times, and paused, her head arching to the ceiling above her. Suddenly, a black sludge began to pour out of her mouth, dissolving through her very flesh and bone. In a few minutes, she was little more than a diluted cloud of black blood and half-dissolved organs. Where she was once floating, there was a obsidian sphere, impossibly smooth and perfect.

How do you wish to advance technology?
A) Try assembling a new item with the current resources available.
Tell me which tools – at least three people must agree.
B) Enforce the amount and complexity of electric energy channelled toward building Ysugtha shelters.
C) Gather more supplies and resources.
Specify a specific item or location, such as ‘obsidian’ or ‘things from outside’.
D) Start scarring the Ysugtha shelters and allowing them to methodically heal, to increase their defence.
E) Begin cutting the Ysugtha’s first layer of muscle off, then putting in rocks, then letting it heal, to heavily reinforce the outside ‘walls’.

How do you wish to further our culture?
A) Develop rituals and prayers for the religion.
B) Develop a certain ‘feel’ for the language, so actual words could be made.
C) Develop more words for key figures and objects.
D) Have the Maculoet Essum remain in one area of the tribe’s grounds, so that the tribe can always and conveniently locate them.
E) Create new laws and rituals regarding necrophagia, or the eating of the dead.

What do you wish to do?
A) Explore the north, searching for any hostile threat.
B) Keep investigating the mysterious disappearances of Xivai and appearance of coral-incrusted ‘statues’ of Xivai.
C) Set up a defensive perimeter around the tribe’s grounds, and put training into overtime.
D) Set out Hephaestus to contact Veznisk Mekkerac.
E) Organize small groups to search the radius of the tribe’s grounds, to search for any hostile threats.

What do you wish to do regarding the Obsidian Sphere? Pick two.
A) Sacrifice it to the Presence.
B) Keep it in a safe place in the tribe, leading to a vote that will decide where.
C) Have a Xivai ingest the Obsidian Sphere, leading to a vote that will decide who.
D) Discard it in the surrounding environment, leading to a vote that will decide where.
E) ‘Feed’ it to the largest Ysugtha growth.

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