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 Group Of 88+ Faculty, Who Signed the Listening Statement
Posted: Sep 28 2006, 11:17 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 110
Member No.: 3
Joined: 28-September 06

Duke 'Group of 88+' Faculty

Access G88's "Listening Statement" here (original removed from Duke website).
Access early discussions of the lax case by G88 members here.
Access early reactions to the "Listening Statment" here and here.
Access G89's "Clarifying Statement" here.
Access FODU's questions to G88/G89, here. See how G88/G89 responded to FODU questions here.
Access Duke student response (over 1000 of them) to G88/G89 here.
Access DCU response to G88/G89 here and here.
Endorse a letter written by Duke economics professors in response to the "Listening Statement" here.

Table 1. ‘Group of 88’ Faculty who signed the 'Listening Statement'
(Blue numbers indicate former faculty, red numbers indicate non-faculty)
G88 G89 Name Department Email Their comments Comments about them
1 1 Abe, Stan Art, Art History, and Visual Studies - -
2 2 Albers, Benjamin University Writing Program - -
3 3 Allison, Anne Cultural Anthropology - 1. Women's Studies Does Lacrosse
2. The Group of 88's Latest Defense
3. Group of 88 for Credit
4. Group Profile: The Cultural Anthropologists
4 4 Aravamudan, Srinivas Art, Art History, and Visual Studies - -
5 -

Baker, Houston

English and AAAS A Letter to the Duke University Administration 1. From Bad to Worse at Duke
2. Houston, we have a problem
3. Baker: In His Own Words
4. The Baker Letter--Slightly Modified
5. Vandy Prof's Dirty Laundry
6. The Path Not Taken
6 5 Baker, Lee Cultural Anthropology 1. Faculty Push for Voice in Culture Talk
2. 1 year later, rift remains in Duke faculty
1. The Group of 88's E-Mail Canard
2. The Group's Continued Delusions
3. Week in Review
7 - Beaule, Christina University Writing Program - -
8 6 Beckwith, Sarah English - -
9 7 Berliner, Paul Music - -
10 - Blackmore, Connie AAAS (administrative assistant) - -
11 - Boardman, Jessica (nurse) - -
12 8 Boatwright, Mary T. Classical Studies - -
13 - Boero, Silvia (visiting) Romance Studies - -
14 9 Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo Sociology - - -
15 10 Brim, Matthew University Writing Program - -
16 11

Chafe, William

History 1. Sex and race
2. Profs stand by 'social disaster' ad
3. Prof Chafe Responds
1. The Duke 88
2. Brooklyn College Professor's Web Log Defends Duke Players
3. Chafe Chimes In
4. Chafe's Embarrassment
5. The Group: Divided, Defiant, Delusional
6. Chafe's Conspiracy Theory
7. Comments Responding To Prof. Chafe
8. Group Profile: William Chafe
9. The Hypocrisy of Durham "Activists"
17 12 Ching, Leo Asian & African Languages and Literatures - -
18 13 Coles, Romand Political Science - -
19 - Cooke, Miriam Asian & African Languages and Literatures - Group Profile: miriam cooke
20 14 Crichlow, Michaeline AAAS - -
21 15

Curtis, Kim (visiting)

Political Science Understanding, Patriotism, and Orchestrating Emotion 1. About Kim Curtis
2. Checking in with the Group of 88
3. Former lacrosse player sues Duke
4. The Dowd Suit
5. Dowd and Duke
6. Curtis-gate
7. The Dowd Case in Perspective
8. The N&O Speaks Out; Catotti & Curtis
22 16 Damasceno, Leslie Romance Studies - -
23 - Davidson, Cathy English In the aftermath of a social disaster 1. Apologia for a Disaster
2. Ugh...Redux
3. Cathy Davidson: In Her Own Words
4. More Cathy Davidson: In Her Own Words
5. Response to Cathy Davidson
6. A Good Read
24 - Deutsch, Sarah (Sally) History - The Deutsch Files
25 17 Dorfman, Ariel Literature & Latin American Stds. - On Dorfman
26 18 Edwards, Laura History - -
27 19

Farred, Grant

Literature 1. Secret racism underlying lacrosse case
2. Innocent and the Law
1. Grant Farred's "Phantom" Insights
2. A Starn Special
3. Brawley Redux
4. Friday with Farred
5. Farred's Secrets
6. Go Big Red
7. The Path Not Taken
8. More Big Red
28 - Fellini, Luciana Romance Studies - -
29 - Fulkerson, Mary McClintock Divinity School - -
30 - Gabara, Esther Romance Studies - -
31 - Gavins, Raymond History - -
32 - Glymph, Thavolia History Rape allegations, media fallout rankle community Checking in with the Group of 88
33 20 Greer, Margaret (Meg) Romance Studies - -
34 21 Hardt, Michael Literature - -
35 - Harris, Joseph University Writing Program - Group Profile: Joseph Harris
36 22

Holloway, Karla

English 1. Despite K's comment, race relations need work
2. Coda: Bodies of Evidence
3. Black Professors Under Pressure At Duke
4. Producing difference
1. More Group of 88 Hypocrisy
2. From Joan Foster
3. The Travails of Karla Holloway
4. Letter to Holloway
5. More Comments on Holloway
6. Duke faculty duties
7. Duke Fallout Continues as Top Black Professor Resigns From Race Committee
8. Holloway Leaves CCI
9. The Hypocrisy of Durham "Activists"
37 23 Holsey, Bayo AAAS - -
38 24 Hovsepian, Mary (visiting) Sociology - -
39 25 James, Sherman Public Policy - The Group of 88's Three-D Response
40 26 Kaplan, Alice Literature - The Group of 88's Three-D Response
41 27 Khalsa, Keval Kaur Dance Program - -
42 28 Khanna, Ranjana English - -
43 - King, Ashley Romance Studies (student) - -
44 29 Koonz, Claudia History Profs stand by 'social disaster' ad The Group: Divided, Defiant, Delusional
45 30 Lasch, Peter Art, Art History, and Visual Studies & Latino/a Studies - -
46 - Lee, Dan A. Math - -
47 31 Leighten, Pat Art, Art History, and Visual Studies - -
48 - Lentricchia, Frank Literature - -
49 32 Light, Caroline Inst. for Crit. U.S. Stds. (program coordinator) - -
50 33 Litle, Marcy Comparative Area Studies - -
51 34 Litzinger, Ralph Cultural Anthropology - -
52 35 Longino, Michele Romance Studies - -
53 36

Lubiano, Wahneema

AAAS and Literature 1. A Social Disaster
2. Rape allegations, media fallout rankle community
3. Months later, unanswered questions haunt Duke
4. Lubiano's Cover E-Mail
1. Professional Protesters
2. Wahneema's World
3. The Group of 88's E-Mail Canard
4. "The Group of 88: Non-Endorsement "Endorsements"
54 - Maffitt, Kenneth (visiting) History - -
55 - Mahn, Jason University Writing Program - -
56 37 Makhulu, Anne-Maria AAAS - -
57 - Mason, Lisa Surgical Unit-2100 (nurse) - -
58 38

McClain, Paula

Political Science 1. Duke sports idea roils professors
2. Report divides Duke's campus
3. Duke deal shields faculty
1. Celebrating Ignorance
2. Paula McClain: No Means No
3. Paula McClain: Rationalizing Nifong
4. Moving Forward with McClain
5. An Open Letter to Dr. McClain at Duke
6. Crying Wolf
7. McClain: Group of 88 Defiant, Despite Settlement
59 39 Meintjes, Louise Music - -
60 40 Mignolo, Walter Literature and Romance Studies - -
61 41 Moreiras, Alberto (on leave) Romance Studies - Admission in writing
62 42

Neal, Mark Anthony

AAAS Email:
Website: New Black Man
1. Hip-Hop: Not Your Pop’s Culture
2. Looking for Leroy: HomoThugs, ThugNiggaIntellectuals and "Queer" Black Masculinities
3. (White) Male Privilege, Black Respectability, and Black Women’s Bodies
4. University delves into campus culture

1. “Highly Unacceptable Behavior”
2. Checking in with the Group of 88
63 43 Nelson, Diane Cultural Anthropology - 1. Red-Faced at Duke
2. Group Profile: The Cultural Anthropologists
64 44 Olcott, Jocelyn (Jolie) History - 1. Red-Faced at Duke
2. Sunday Roundup
65 - Paredes, Liliana Romance Studies - -
66 45 Payne, Charles AAAS and History - Moved to Univ. of Chicago
67 - Pierce-Baker, Charlotte Women’s Studies Duke Lacrosse case with Charlotte Pierce-Baker on WUNC (audio) Moved to Vanderbilt
68 - Pebles-Wilkins, Wilma AAAS and History (affiliate) - -
69 - Petters, Arlie Math One Ad, 88 Professors, and No Apologies Remembering the Good
70 46 Plesser, Ronen Physics Ad questions ‘Concerned Duke Faculty’
71 47 Radway, Janice (Jan) Literature - -
72 48 Rankin, Tom Center for Documentary Studies - -
73 49 Rego, Marcia University Writing Program - -
74 50 Reisinger, Deborah (visiting) Romance Studies - -
75 51 Rosenberg, Alex Philosophy Brooklyn College Professor's Web Log Defends Duke Players 1. The 'listening' statement
2. Seligmann Speaks Out
3. Sunday Roundup
76 - Rudy, Kathy Women’s Studies White culture's hypocrisy about Vick 1. Group Profile: Kathy Rudy
2. Sunday Roundup
3. Abusing Animals While Black
77 52 Schachter, Marc English - -
78 53 Shannon, Laurie English - -
79 54 Sigal, Pete History Profs stand by 'social disaster' ad The Group: Divided, Defiant, Delusional
80 55 Silverblatt, Irene Cultural Anthropology - -
81 56 Somerset, Fiona English - -
82 57 Stein, Rebecca Cultural Anthropology - -
83 58 Thorne, Susan History My voice won’t count for much in my world Admission in writing
84 - Viego, Antonio Literature - -
85 59 Vilaros, Teresa Romance Studies - -
86 60 Wald, Priscilla English - -
87 61 Wallace, Maurice English and AAAS - Group Profiles: Maurice Wallace
88 62 Wong, David Philosophy - -

Table 2. ‘Group of 89’ Faculty who signed the 'Clarifying Statement'
(in addition to 62 members listed in Table 1 above, see column G89)
G89 Name Department Email Comments written Comments about
63 Bookman, Jack Mathematics - -
64 Clark, Elizabeth Religion and History - -
65 Dainotto, Roberto Romance Studies - -
66 Forbes, Jeffrey Computer Science - -
67 Gayton, Erin University Writing program - -
68 Gheith, Jehanne Slavic Studies - -
69 Harms, Erik University Writing program - -
Haynie, Kerry
Political Science Moving forward at Duke 1. Chafe's Embarrassment
2. Comments in Chronicle
3. Flexible Forthcoming
71 Klaits, Fred University Writing program - -
72 Korstad, Robert Public Policy & History - -
73 Marko, Tamera University Writing Program - -
74 Metzger, Sean English & Theater Studies - -
75 Moskovitz, Cary University Writing program - -
76 Need, David (visiting) University Writing program - -
Piot, Charles
Cultural Anthropology & AAAS KC’s World 1. Condemned to Repetition
2. Piot hurt himself
3. The Piot Principle
4. Reflections on the Piot Principles
78 Quilligan, Maureen English & Women's Studies Program - -
79 Reichert, William Pratt - Biomedical Engineering - -
80 Sieburth, Stephanie Spanish & Women's Studies - -
81 Socolar, Joshua Physics - -
82 Solli, Kristin University Writing program - -
83 Solterer, Helen Romance Languages, French - -
84 Springer, Roxanne Physics - -
85 Surin, Kenneth Literature & Religion - The Group of 88's Latest Defense
86 Transue, John Political Science - -
87 Whetten, Kathryn Public Policy - -
88 Wiegman, Robyn Women’s Studies & Literature 1. Cultivate community of critical thought
2. Ad questions ‘Concerned Duke Faculty’
1. Policing Vile Metaphors & Idiot Professors
2. The Word "Tar" Causes Trouble Once Again
89 Yoda, Tomiko Asian & African Languages - -

Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:33 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 110
Member No.: 3
Joined: 28-September 06

Table 3. Other Duke faculty with G88/G89 mentality
No Name Department Email Comments written Comments about
90 Chin, Elizabeth (visiting) Cultural Anthropology Visited Duke Spring '06 1. The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie
2. Out of Their Worlds
1. Barbie Goes to College
2. Gagging in Durham
91 Holsti, Ole Political Science, Emeritus More apologies necessary in lacrosse case 1. Lacrosse apologies already came
2. “Lacrosse players” not a homogenous group
3. A Different Beat
92 Dibona, Joseph Education 1. Brodhead can't handle it
2. Pay off lacrosse case?
3. Focus on Nifong misses other important issues
1. Responses to Dibona (6 comments)
2. Closing the Möbius
3. Response to June 30 Letter
93 Starn, Orin Cultural Anthropology 1. Let’s talk sports
2. A grand show of arrogance by Duke athletics
3. No apology necessary
1. The Arrogance of Starn
2. Months later, unanswered questions haunt Duke
3. Seligmann Speaks Out
4. Envy at center of attack on Duke athletics
5. Prof who misrepresented Coach K responds
6. Shameless
7. Comments from DBR
8. A Starn Special
9. Duke Prof. Starn’s Reply
10. And The Beat Goes On
94 Timothy Tyson (visiting) Religion and History 1. Ugly past echoes in Duke case
2. Assault is not normal, just ordinary
1. Lacrosse team forfeits games
2. When Tim Was a Potbanger
95 Wood, Peter History Sympathy for the Devils? 1. Peter Wood's Distorted Campus Culture
2. Seligmann Speaks Out">
Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:34 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 06

I tried linking the actual ad, but can't copy it. You can find the ad under this link

At the end you will see the following statement:

"We thank the following departments and programs for signing onto this ad with African & African American Studies:Romance Studies; Psychology, Social and Health Sciences; Franklin Humanitities Institute, Critical U.S. Studies; Art, Art History, and Visual Studies, Asian & African Languages & Literature; Women's Studies; Latino/a Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies; Medieval and Renaissance Studies; European Studies; Program in Education; and the Center for Documentary Studies. Because of space limitation, the names of individual faculty and staff who signed on in support may be read at the AAAS website:

Would you want your kid at such a school????

Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:35 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 06

Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:38 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 06


There is interesting material on Orin Starn (his passion for golf and how he is always at the Duke basketball games at Cameroon Stadium, etc.) in the September 7 ESPN Magazine. Here is the link:

Months later, unanswered questions haunt Duke
Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:38 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 06

The same ESPN Magazine article has interesting quotes from Lubiano too. She basically admits that they were taking advantage of the situation to push for their agendas.

Excerpt from the article:

"Lubiano knew some would see the ad as a stake through the collective heart of the lacrosse team. But if the black faculty couldn't speak for black students now, could it ever?"

This is a very telling quote. We do not need to hear from Lubiano any more. She clarified it for us beyond any doubt.
Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:39 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 06

Here is one more for your list. A history professor from Duke thanking DPD for arresting Duke students with or without a reason. Yes, it is clear. There are serious problems in Duke, and they have nothing to do with lacrosse or rape. They have everything to do with lunatic professors who hate their students.
From Herald-Sun (where else?)

Thanks, Durham police

I hope that the Durham police officers who arrested Duke students for noise and alcohol violations in the autumn of 2005 realize how grateful most of us in Trinity Park are to them.

Their actions gave us the hope that we might once again have a peaceful, family neighborhood in which to live.

And we hope that these officers or their successors will also remember that every September brings a new crop of students who want to live off-campus and who appear never to learn from the experiences of their predecessors.

Please, Durham Police Department, continue to defend our neighborhood.

September 18, 2006
Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:39 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 06

On the positive side, here is a response to Orin Starn's recent letter (from Herald Sun):
Starn needs a Plan B

In response to Professor Orin Starn's article in The Herald-Sun on Sept. 15: I would certainly be interested in the professor's Plan B regarding athletic reform. Assuming, for argument's sake, Duke would drop its participation in Division I competition and offer only club sports, let's play out this scenario and some of its adverse consequences.

Duke would lose national exposure, suffer a considerable loss in financial support from alumni, lose all of the coaches presently on staff and most of the employees in the athletic department. Furthermore, Professor Starn's plan for athletic reform at Duke will bite off a portion of the hand that helps feed the academic prowess Duke enjoys.

Starn's proposal is hallmark thinking of a provincial ivory tower academic. Duke Athletics will weather this latest storm and be stronger for the effort.

Rather than displaying this divisiveness, which is not needed at this time when the University is attempting to heal, Starn should show some loyalty.

And while Starn is at it, he should come down out of that ivory tower once in awhile, look at the positive side of athletics and cheer for the Blue Devils.

September 19, 2006
Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:40 PM


Group: Admin
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Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 06

Finally a bright light in Durham. And it took another woman to say it!

Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:40 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 23-September 06


Here is another good link for you. This one is a gold mine on your topic.

More Group of 88 Hypocrisy June 27, 2006
Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:41 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 06

FODU: Thanks for the link to the Karla Holloway article. I just read it and it almost made me sick. This article shows better than any other I read the frame of mind of the Group of 88. Nothing can come out of the investigation which will change the minds of these people on the Lax players. They sound like this "false rape" was the best thing that ever happened to them! If one day the accuser says she lied, these people will cry and say "no, we insist, there was a rape!" They are desperate.

I will get around to processing all this stuff some time soon. I may do a "Best of ..." series for a selected 5 or 10 members of the Group of 88. Anyway, please keep those links and information coming. Thanks.

Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:42 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 23-September 06


You are in luck. KC Johnson has done great a service again by writing about Karla Holloway's bearly readable article in Barnard's. Do not miss it, lots of good stuff there. See the link:

Take care.

Posted: Oct 2 2006, 01:42 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 23-September 06

From DBR!

From Duke Basketball Report (DBR)
Posted on 09/27/06 13:49
by Rudra

Okay, anybody who has taken a course in anthropology for anything other than (1) a gut course; (2) a filler; or (3) a curiosity, that is, to find out what the heck it is, and why anyone would devote their entire life to it, raise your right hand. That's what I thought.

Who is this guy Starns and why do they pay him six digits to teach people about something that only a few people will ever use (that is, if they actually know what the heck it is) and even less care about? We'll leave that for another day, but I have a real hard time believing that any of you came to this fine institution because you were just dying to be touched by Professor Starns or anything that he has to offer.

Could we say any of those things about Coach K? I don't think so boys and girls. A man of terrific stature and vision, who has contributed to Duke University and the character of its body politic at least as much as any other person in the school's history. That's right, Starnsie, live with it; put that in your anthropological pipe and smoke it. When they talk of leadership, team building, community, goal setting and achievement, not only as individuals but as part of larger groups, the ethos of a place, you know, the things that anthropologists are supposed to inquire about, whose name is gonna come up? Yours. Please.

Look, this guy Starns cannot even apologize without trying to climb the back of Coach K to build his audience. In his first letter, Starns blew past the frightful condemnations being launched at the LAX team members by faculty and students. Instead, he attempted to piggy back on Coach K's fame by actually blaming K for not speaking out on the issue, presumably to pile on against the lacrosse team who Starns now concedes were unfairly accused, including the Duke 3 who he concedes NOW probably should never have been indicted. That apology, which in my book is way too little, and way too late, is not enough for Starns. He says that Coach K should not be concerned with helping heal the wounds that folks like Starns were responsible for creating in the first instance, wounds that his colleagues Wood and Holloway, among others, are continuing to inflict. Hey Starns, if not Coach K, who's gonna do it. Or should we leave it to the anthropologists to answer, whatever the heck it is that they have to contribute.

Boycotts work!!!!

  Posted: Oct 2 2006, 02:21 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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Member No.: 3
Joined: 28-September 06

Moderator, thank you for moving my topic from the old "open board" to this new one. I will take it from here.
Posted: Oct 31 2006, 06:25 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 2
Member No.: 39
Joined: 26-October 06

Here is another story about what I believe is "selective justice" by the Group of 88. I have written about this case on other blogs.

My son was in the Duke class of '05. He was in Kim Curtis's course
(PS104 Politics and Literature) in Spring 2004. He was an Army ROTC
student, an athlete and the very antithesis of Political Correctness!
I suspect that these three facts played some part in causing Kim
Curtis to single him out for "special treatment."

I had put this whole incident behind me, but this lacrosse issue has gotten me so
steamed up, that I pulled out the few documents that I had saved. But I recently
reread my son's account and the findings of the Judicial Review Board.

My son was on a Duke club roller hockey team that won the regionals and
received an invitation to the National Tournament to be held in LA on
April 14th to the 19th, 2004. Duke paid for the students to attend
this tournament. Before leaving he informed all of his professors
about his impending absence, and they approved, as long as he turned
his assigned papers in before he left.

The core of Professor Curtis's assignments in this class consisted of
writing three papers, with a very complicated system of drafts and
peer reviews, with a total of 6 turn-ins and hand-backs per paper.

According the the syllbuses that she handed out, she often changed due
dates on papers, and was often late in returning drafts that she or
her assistant had reviewed.

Kim Curtis said that the second of these three papers that my son had
written was not "on her door" on April 19, when it was due (he
was away at this time in California). When he returned from his
Hockey club trip, Kim Curtis informed him about his missing paper. He
forwarded the paper on April 20 via email.

He was taking a heavy course load of writing courses this semester.
No other professors accused him of turning papers in late, In fact in
his other courses he received the following final grades:
Hist 115C Intro to African Studies (McDonic) B+
Hist 118B Warfare in the 20th Cent. (Carlton) B-
PolSci 157D Foreign Policy of the US (Eldridge) B+
MilSci 114 Adv. Tactical Application (Scott) A

Because Prof. Curtis does not accept late work, she failed him for this
second paper, and then for the course as a whole, even though he did
do the other two required papers (including the third paper), and
otherwise (apparently) performed adequately in her class.

Later in May after finals were over and the students were dismissed for the
summer (and well after the April 19 incident), Brad was notified by Dean Bryan
that Kim Curtis had officially brought charges against him of Lying to the Undergraduate Judicial Board.

He was notified about his rights, and given a list of Judicial Advisors. He was away
most of the summer with Army ROTC training, and he was unable to get any of
the Advisors to respond to him or to help him with his case. (Of course I am telling
you "his" side of the story, because I was not aware that this was going on).

He was notified that his hearing would occur on August 27 (before
classes had even started). He was able to get find a Judicial Advisor to help
him several days before his hearing, and she was wonderful, but
totally hampered by a lack of time to prepare the case.

I met with her after the hearing and she told me that she had tried to
research the precedent cases to the best of her ability, and was unable to
find any other case of a student put into the Judicial system for
Lying about turning a paper in late. She also said that if she had
the time that she would have called witnesses who had been in the
class with my son about the disorganization of Professor Curtis, who was
constantly changing deadline dates and also returning draft papers

Unfortunately, my son did not tell me about ANY OF THIS until after the
hearing on August 27. I attribute this to his being naive and also
very busy with his ROTC commitments over the summer and with incoming
ROTC students that fall. When he told me a few days after the hearing that
he was in danger of being suspended, I immediately flew to Durham, met
with Dean Bryan and reviewed all the documents that my son had in his
possession, including the syllabuses that Professor Curtis had issued
and then reissued with different dates. I also reviewed the emails
that went back and forth between her and the class about how she was
unable to return the draft papers on time to the students.
(Unfortunately I no longer have these).

He was found "Responsible" for Lying on August 27, 2004. His DukeCard was
immediately invalidated, so that he could not get into his dorm or even buy a meal.

He appealed the decision on September 9, 2004, but was denied, and
he was ordered to vacate his West Campus dorm room within 48 hours.
(According to the housing office, no exceptions. "He could stay in
the commons area as long as he removed his belongings from his dorm
room.") Since he did not have a car, I started the long drive to Duke
immediately (leaving two younger children at home).

As a family we just decided that he should use the incident as a
learning experience, and reapply. He did reapply, completed his two
semesters, and officially graduated in May 2006.

I am a Duke Grad (BS '74 and MHA '78). I had a great experience
there, and my dream was that all my four children would go to Duke.
My husband and I have been consistent donors of time and money on
behalf of the University, and we recently endowed a scholarship fund
for future students who might not be able to foot the $46,000 bill

My youngest son is a freshman at Duke now, and working very hard.
And he is interested in History and Political Science and so he will have some
of these professors.

And at this point I have no doubt that Professor Curtis and other Duke
professors and administrators know who I am and that I have posted about this
case. So of course I am worried that my youngest son may also be singled out
for "special treatment."

In no way am I looking for vindication for my oldest son. What was taken away
from him cannot be restored. Just as what has been taken away from these
Lacrosse players can never be restored, no matter whether they go to trial, no
matter what the verdict.

My point is that some of these professors because of their intolerance and
ideological agenda are a threat to the integrity and well-being of their students
and also to the University as an institution.
Posted: Nov 1 2006, 10:19 AM


Group: Members
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Member No.: 52
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This is all too typical of the way student judicial systems operate. They are agenda driven and skewed toward the University's political interests. I was asked to observe a hearing at another university involving my nephew. There was no semblance of due process. The prosecution had the resources of the University while the "defense" had only an inexperienced student advocate who was unprepared and sandbagged. They clearly violated their own rules of procedure. The appellate process was a sham.

I would like to see Duke and other schools create a system in which all such hearings are observed by a disinterested alumnus or community member not otherwise involved with the university. The observer should then be asked to write his/her opinion of the procedure and outcome of the hearing. I'd like to see this for all hearings, but at the very least for those which could result in suspension or expulsion.
Posted: Nov 2 2006, 12:29 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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Member No.: 3
Joined: 28-September 06

Another name to be added to the "list of shame" Details included in the link:

Policing Vile Metaphors & Idiot Professors - November 2, The Johnville News

Posted: Nov 24 2006, 09:12 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
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Member No.: 23
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Here is a link you will like.

Sorry, I meant to post this under the Good Guys category, not here.

A well-connected and well-financed (but not, I would suggest, well-intentioned) lax supporter!
Posted: Dec 1 2006, 04:42 PM

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Here is a retraction. You may want to add it to your list

Lacrosse retraction
Posted: Dec 7 2006, 08:58 PM

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I now understand why/how your list went down by one. I totally agree with you on that decision.

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