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Title: Timothy Azuregos

Azuregos - November 29, 2011 03:11 PM (GMT)

Name: Timothy Azuregos
Nickname(s): Azuregos
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality: English
Orientation: Straight


Description: Azuregos'is an average and thin person, standing at around 5'7, with pale skin, and dark blonde hair. He has got blue eyes. Azuregos normally wears jeans and his shirts vary between blue, white and black colours, His jacket is a dark green colour and he wears runners that have both white and blue colours on them. Azuregos normally just dresses in casual clothing unless he knows that he is going to get wet from water.

Play-By: user posted image


Personality: Azuregos is a kind person that tries to make sure his friends don't get hurt or put in harms way. He would even take the hit instead of letting his friends. Azuregos also likes listening to music and joking around with friends. Azuregos however if pressured and angered enough will eventually punch the last person who was insulting him, even though Azuregos really hates himself when this occurs.

History: Azuregos had a hard life growing up as a young kid everyone treated him as an outsider and picked on him throughout his time at Primary School, as he grew up and arrived in high school it was then that he realised he had a darkness building inside him, from all the pain, anger, threats and teasing he had been recieving throughout his life. This darkness just continued to build through the first 2 years of High School till it was felt like Azuregos was going to snap at any second. It was in the middle of the third year of high school when Azuregos finally did released the anger on one of the jerks that was treating him badly, giving the bully a black eye this event caused alot of the people to back off and leave Azuregos alone. Throughout the rest of his time at High School Azuregos was treated a bit more friendlier. And in his final 2 years of High School he started to become friends with people who originally just ignored him every day. After finally completeing High School Azuregos went straight away to studying at a College to learn animation. That was though after a nice long relaxing break at the coast where he enjoyed lying around on the beach sand and also swimming in the ocean and pool at the motel that he was staying at. Even throughout Azuregos' life he was always a person that loved playing computer games and wanted to help make them or even start making his own cartoon shows.

Will fill out on Saturday, just got to finish last week of College and hand in 4 damn assignments

Digivice: D-Ark Primary colour being black and it has Blue lines on its surface.
Crest: Crest of Darkness

user posted image

Digital World Appearance: Appreance remains the same except from the add on of some gloves and a pair of blue lens sunglasses
Digimon Partner: Black Renamon
Digimon Partner Type: Virus
Digimon Personality: Black Renamon hates the Tamer that betrayed her, but is calm and friendly to Azuregos and those that he knows. She is also very protective to those she cares about. She likes to most of the time sneak out at night and explores the city and avoids causing trouble unless a wild digimon appears.
Evolution Line: (Baby) Relemon (In-Training) Viximon, (Rookie) Black Renamon, (Champion) Youkomon, (Ultimate) Doumon

Key Item: D-Ark
Memorabilia: A Dragon handle knife not used in combat but carried around and normally just used to peel wood off branches when sitting around bored and waiting for someone, but is occansionally used to cut bread.

Occupation: Student
School: College
Grade: 1st Year of College

Code Name: Tempest

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