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Title: How to Make Hash (Hashish)?

ste - September 8, 2006 02:46 PM (GMT)
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Method 1 - Using Hashish

a) What you need depends on the quality of oil you want. I usually use high quality isopropyl (read NO rubbing alcohol) for straight run oil, and good hash that hasn't been pressed with any crap to increase the weight and decrease potency.

This is the case with most of the hash that is consumed in countries other than the one it was produced in, it tends to get "diluted" the further it travels. If you are not sure of the hash quality, don't try to make oil, it isn't for novices. Don't throw your money away.

Another thing to consider is quantity. One gram of hash oil will take several grams of hash to produce, and even more for honey oil.

Crumble the hash into a pot, pour in some isopropyl and heat it for 30 minutes. Get some high quality filter paper and filter out the gunk. Evaporate the alcohol and there you have it. For extra purification you'll need some petroleum ether (best). General ether purification as follows.

Mix a solution of resin/isopropyl with some ether and water, then gently tip the container upside down and back. Do this about 20 or 25 times and let it stand until the layers separate (water/isopropyl with ether on top).

Siphon or pipette the ether solution off and repeat 2-3x with fresh ether. Evaporate the ether (try to salvage it if possible) and voila - smooth killer oil (If you used good hash and didn't fuck up!).

Be careful with the ether though, it's very explosive, sometimes spontaneous when it decomposes. You can go further and make honey oil with activated charcoal and very high quality filter paper but you tend to lose a substantial amount. It's usually worth it though.

B) I have heard that you can wrap it up with dry ice in some newspaper and scrape it off the paper when the ice dissolves. Also, I was told that if you put your weed in a filter and pour hydrogen peroxide through it into a pot of water and boil it down it will produce oil.

Method 2 - Using Marijuana

Tools needed:

Porcelain pot or heat resistant pyrex bowl, one which is suitable for use in the oven.

Cast iron skillet (frying pan larger than the porcelain pot)

Coffee filters (the re-usable gold filters work very well as well, these can be bought at supermarkets)

2 bowls

Isopropyl alcohol (commonly available at pharmacies, look for alcohol that is 99% pure, denatured alcohol also works well, sometimes isopropyl alcohol is called rubbing alcohol)


Take 1 coffee filter, and place your marijuana in it. Pour the alcohol over the marijuana in the coffee filter so that the alcohol drains into one of the bowls. Squeeze every bit of the alcohol from the marijuana into the bowl.

Now transfer the same marijuana into a clean coffee filter, and use the same alcohol to pour over it again into the second bowl.

Keep repeating this over and over again. If you have a problem with the coffee filters breaking apart while you are squeezing the marijuana, use 2 or 3 coffee filters at a time. The alcohol will turn green.

Next, take the iron skillet set it on the stove, and put the porcelain pot into the skillet. Fill the skillet with water.

Alcohol is extremely flammable. Don't be stupid, be CAREFUL!

Do not cook the alcohol over the open flame. The water in the skillet assists in preventing the alcohol from getting too hot and helps to prevent the alcohol from igniting on fire.

Ensure your kitchen has good ventilation. Use the stove fan and other fans to move the air around in order to prevent fumes from gathering in one place and igniting.

Let the alcohol in the porcelain pot in the skillet simmer on LOW. Make sure the skillet remains full of water. The alcohol will evaporate very very quickly.

Make sure you do not let it evaporate too quickly or burn the alcohol.

Once all the alcohol has been evaporated off, you will be left with hash oil. Take a razor blade and scrape it up and smoke it.

SkankyRatbag - October 16, 2006 04:26 PM (GMT)
i stroked this post from another website, thought it would be handy to have here also:

"What is hash and how do I make it ?

Hash or "hashish" is the generic name for the prepared form of glandular trichomes collected from the cannabis plant. It can take on many forms, colours, tastes and smells but is all made from the same thing. The difference in names is primarily linked to how the resin glands were collected from the plant and prepared into the finished product. The process of hash making can be divided into two parts: resin collection and resin preparation. There are four commonly used methods to collect resin glands from plants. These are :

Hand Rubbing

Hand rubbing is probably the oldest method of collection and preparation. Wet plants are gently rubbed until resin glands are excreted onto the hands and fingers. This is continued until an amount can be worked into a lump by using the hands and fingers to heat and manipulate the glands collected. The end product is a dark piece of high quality hash known as "charas". The term "charas", often used to describe South Asian hash which has been produced through hand rubbing, actually means cannabis.

Hand rubbing is considered a "low tech" method of gland collection / gland preparation because in order to do it you need nothing more than a ripe, wet plant and two hands. It is also a delicate operation which, at best will yield low results of medium to high quality hash. Usually hand rubbed charas has a short shelf life because of the moisture left within the final product during the rubbing process. There are however more effective methods of gland collection available these days and so I'm not going to go into much detail.


Sieving is a technique which allows for a higher control over resin gland separation and grading than hand rubbing. Most hash making cultures through out the world have employed this method in order to make hash for export or local use as it allows a high amount of glands to be collected from plants in a short time. It is also far less labour intensive than hand rubbing.
Plants are first dried and then threshed or rubbed lightly against mesh or cloth screens of varying sizes. Trichomes and plant debris fall off the plant and through the screens onto collection surfaces. The raw resin powder is collected by grade and pressed using mechanical or hand methods. Mechanical pressing is most convenient if the sieved powder is of lower quality or contains a lot of plant debris because it is more difficult to press using conventional methods. Heat is needed as well as high pressure to compact the resin into blocks or slabs. Commercial hash for export, sieved and pressed hash such as Afghani, Moroccan and Lebanese were often given these names simply because that was the country of origin.

There are a few additional methods of sieving available to the home grower. The Space case crystal catcher is a grinder / catcher which uses a mesh screen to separate trichomes from plant material. There's a large thread here with more information. Another thread worth looking at is the Trich Tumbler.

I use a "bubblebox" which is basicly a box with several screens which divide fallen trichomes by grade. The trichomes are scrapped together into resin powder which is then ready to be pressed into hash or smoked as is.

The bubblebox is not designed to be used as a serious tool for getting the most trichomes out of your bud. It just collects the stuff that falls off between the jars and smoking smile.gif

Water and Ice Collection

Probably the most well known form of ice collection is by using Bubblebags. I cannot stress enough how good cold water and ice are at removing trichomes from plant material. Using the bags is simple and a high quality product is always collected. Instructions on using Bubblebags and techniques relating to using them can be found here in the bubblebags forum. If bubblebags are too expensive then check out Ice Hash for Free.

Note that the only issue with using water and ice as a method of collection is that it removes the natural taste and flavouring from the resulting hash. This is because the terpenes which create these smells and tastes are water soluble and hence are lost.

Butane / chemical extraction

BHO (Butane Honey Oil - Hash oil) can be created using butane or alcohol extraction and there are several methods available to anyone looking to make it. Most people will have heard of butane extraction using a HoneyBee extractor or a home made chemistry set up.

Another solvent which can be used for extraction and cleaning is IPA fluid (Iso-propyle-alcohol). Resin glands readily dissolve in this substance and can be stored in liquid form under the correct conditions for years. If exposed to air the IPA will evaporate and leave a sticky goo much like regular hash oil.

Pressing resin powder into hash by grade

Hand pressing hash is in my opinion a labour of love as opposed to a task which needs to be completed. I find it a satisfying pass time and the end result never fails to please. I know the resulting hash is of the highest quality as well as being unadulterated by contaminating products.

To begin the process of pressing you will need a large plate or clean hard surface to work over. Ideally light in colour. There's going to be a fair amount of resin powder being scattered about the area as you work and you want to be able to collect it with little contamination from hair, dust, leaf etc. It's a good idea to roll a few smokes before getting to work because your fingers are going to be very sticky for a little while. It is also a good idea to scrub your hands clean before handling any resin powder because if you have any dirt / dead skin on your hands it's going to be pressed into your hash.

Varying grades of resin glands have varying properties and looks. Each of the "cakes" shown below has been extracted using Bubblebags and lightly pressed flat to allow drying. The fine quality grades are the 25 micron, 45, micron and 73 micron. "

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ste - October 16, 2006 06:09 PM (GMT)
cheers mate and out else you want to add plz do ;)

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