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 Belmont Season 2017-18
Posted by Ando16 - 08-9-17 00:45 - 3 comments
Belmont Season 2017-18 is almost upon us. It looks like the fleet might grow by a couple of boats and we should have another great season of racing. A few new faces in the crew lists with some youngsters joining the fleet which is fantastic to see. more
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 Foot needs you!
Posted by foot - 07-9-17 10:22 - 0 comments
With the Foot's 50th season in 16ft skiffs coming up soon,a young or not so young forwardhand around 80kgs is needed for Saturday sailing at St George Sailing Club.
So don't be shy contact to today Facebook, or 04 more
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 2017/18 States
Posted by Dave - 05-8-17 10:01 - 3 comments
Hi there, can anyone confirm the dates for the 2017 state heats?
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 10 foot skiffs
Posted by Sheldo - 04-30-17 20:58 - 1 comments
This weekend at Teralba Sailing club the Historical 10 Foot Skiffs will be racing for the national title dates are 5th 6th 7th of May ,if you are around drop by to check out the action ,these boats are rigged the same as 16s were in the early days
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 QLD State Titles
Posted by 401744 - 03-29-17 06:15 - 4 comments
Hi, I can't seem to find any information regarding the 2017 State Titles in QLD. Recently brought a 16ft skiff after having a VS for years, and are wondering if they run it as a few days regatta or over a series of weekends?

Thanks more
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 Gosford Race 11th Feb
Posted by Kieran - 02-7-17 08:33 - 1 comments
As some of you guys may be aware, Gosford currently has three 16's that race each saturday. I will be joining them this Saturday 11th Feb, and i hear Henry is bringing the TJS also. I am extending the invitation to all fellow skiffies, would be more
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 Sprint Series
Posted by Ando16 - 02-6-17 21:21 - 0 comments
The "Summer Bright Lager" Sprint Series has been run & won again for 2017.
The light patchy breeze did improve a little as the day progressed, though the Nor’Easter never filled as many of the competitors were hoping for.
As more
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 Skiff Trailer
Posted by chalmers - 01-30-17 22:49 - 8 comments
Hey guys.

Anyone know of an old skiff trailer floating around to be had for cheap?

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 Bring back the Whacker!
Posted by OldSalt - 01-16-17 04:31 - 2 comments
With what is kicking off on another thread, I think there is a fair case to bring back the Whacker!
It may be a step backwards in some respect but there are several positives!

1. The whackers will not only learn a new and mor more
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 Looking at the entry list.
Posted by foot - 12-30-16 08:36 - 12 comments
This is the first time for a hell of a long time that a bloody Queenslander could win the Australian 16ft skiff titles........god help us NSW folks,those Queenslander always beat us at leagues State of Origin,...... they can't take our skiff tit more
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