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 Looking for Target Public enemies series
Posted by kylethoreau - 02-10-10 18:34 - 1 comments
namely Major Force and Black Lightning- anyone spot these do let me know

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 WANTED: Speed Racer
Posted by Wugmanmax - 11-30-09 17:59 - 3 comments
We bought the Speed Racer movie for 2 bucks and that has been all my kids have been watching now.

Anybody know of any places that might still have the movie figures super-cheap? Online or brick and mortar would be fine.
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 WANTED: Fin Fang Foom BAF Parts
Posted by The Gregg - 03-3-09 03:33 - 0 comments
I have the Head and Right Arm.

Right Arm? Left Arm?

Fuck - hang on - let me check the arm...

...Yeah. Right Arm.

So I need everything else.

Got 'em?

Let's talk!
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 Wanted: Metallo BAF parts
Posted by kylethoreau - 02-27-09 00:13 - 0 comments
hey guys currently hunting for the following pieces to the Wal-mart exclusive Metallo figure:

Right Arm
Left Arm
Left Leg

also need Eradicator. ALthogh any figure from this wave i am also interested in.
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 Those of you with a nearby Kroegers grocery store
Posted by Wugmanmax - 11-15-08 03:29 - 0 comments
So it seems that the only wide chain getting in the last wave of Indiana Jones figures (the Temple of Doom wave) is Kroegers. People have been finding them all over. If any of you live near one and shop there could you take a look? I can only pay co ...read more
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 Wanted: Firearms
Posted by Bulldog - 10-10-08 16:32 - 2 comments
I hope this isn't agains the rules of this board or whatnot. If it is, feel free to delete.

I've been debating for a long while on whether or not I wanted a 9mm Glock to round out my handgun collection (plus, i want a gun t ...read more
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 White Ranger and Gold Ranger wanted
Posted by kylethoreau - 09-26-08 20:42 - 0 comments
hey guys if anyone happens to find the new White Ranger and Gold Ranger figures that just came out, let me know?
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 Hunting: DCUC Lobo
Posted by kylethoreau - 08-25-08 02:08 - 0 comments
looking for one at a decent price
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 For Sale: Spawn Series #7 (repaints)
Posted by DirtMan - 08-14-08 00:20 - 0 comments
Up for sale are the following from Spawn Series #7, the repaint issues.

Zombie Spawn
Sam & Twitch
The Mangler

All seem to be MOC, but I'm not a grader of these things, so ...read more
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Posted by The Gregg - 04-21-08 00:54 - 0 comments
I was cleaning out the shelves and this really just kinda sits there.

Great set, but I'm not the biggest X-Fan out there so here you go:

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